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1) What is the difference between competitive and non-competitive/recreational league? 

Competitive and Non-Competitive can be defined by how the heart of the game is played which depends mostly on expectations and personality of the players. Someone who enjoys a relaxed pace and less focus on the strategy and technicality of the game should play the Recreational/ Non-competitive league. One who enjoys the mental and physical aspects of the game and is capable of meeting the greater physical demands required from a faster paced environment should choose the Competitive league.

The spirit of the competitive league is meant for players with a basic understanding of the game. For your safety, we ask that people who choose to play in the competitive league have the basic understanding of the game and ability to “defend themselves” (i.e. catch) when a ball is hit/thrown at them. We don’t want to risk injury to players who have little to no knowledge of the game.  

All players should have a right spirit, try to win humbly, and use the game to prod each player to do their best.  The goal is also to have fun, and we can have fun in a game or contest simply by facing and meeting a challenge and learning how to improve.  Above all else, it is important to fellowship and be an example of Christ's love towards one another.

2) What is the rule regarding substitutions?

Men's League: 
A substitute can take the place of a starter. Once the starter returns to their position, the substitute may not re-enter into the game.

Co-Ed League: 
Subbing is allowed within the different leagues.  We prefer subbing between the leagues verses teams within the same league to avoid conflict of interest. You can also obtain subs outside of the league but players playing during the playoff has to played at minimally one game during the regular season to be considered and have both waivers signed.  Players must have matching team shirts with no-conflicting jersey#s.  Additional "Plain-Jane" shirts with jersey numbers can be ordered with an additional small fee.  

3) Is there a maximum number of players per team and can we have an odd number of players?  

There is no max on the line up; however, if someone is ejected or there is an injury in that spot in the lineup, it is declared an out.  Please refer to the City of Richardson rules for more detail.  The price is still per player no matter how many players are on a team.

5) Are pinch runners allowed?

Pinch runners are not allowed for liability issues on the field.

6) Are helmets required to play on this league?

According to the City of Richardson, no helmets are required, and Watermark is not enforcing the use of helmets. With that being said, we all have to be aware to play with caution. There have been occurrences where players have been injured on the field.

7) Where can teams have practices?

Call the city parks to reserve a field at their cost. Some practices are also held randomly at parks such as the soccer field across from Watermark Community Church. If not reserved, you could risk being asked to leave. Send requests out to other captains to share practice fields and/or scrimmage as well.

8) May we add additional players to the roster after registration period ends?  

After the teams have their minimal number of players, captains are responsible for adding any additional players to the City of Richardson roster list (i.e WAIVER). It's up to the captain to finalize the roster by the 7th game. When you add a player to the roster and you need a shirt, it's the captain's responsibility to get a SAME COLOR shirt for the team with a JERSEY NUMBER to play in a game. Players without this are not eligible to play. Umpires will not allow it.  We are unable to order official team shirts after the final registration deadline.  

In addition, please have your player complete the Watermark Waiver (See Coordinator's Documents) PRIOR to them playing on the field. Please email the Watermark waivers to the League Coordinators.

9) May we borrow equipment (helmets and bats)?

Yes, you may! We have a checkout process. We, unfortunately, do not have gloves at this time. Please contact the league coordinators to reserve equipment for the season.  We do not reserve equipment by each game.  Players reserve the equipment per season. Click here to Contact Us.

10) Do you have to be a member of Watermark Community Church to participate?

Nope.  Any softball-loving Christ follower can join!

11) Why do we have to have a minimal of 16 players on a co-ed team and 12 players on a men's team?

To keep fees low and to ensure that their enough players on a given night to play, we have experienced that 16 (8 female/8 male) is a reasonable number to have on a designated team.  For the men, we request 12 at this time.  This number may go up.

12) When do the captains or players receive their team shirts and game balls, if applicable?

The captains should receive the team shirts for player distribution by Opening Day.  Therefore, players will also get their team shirts on Opening Day.  If the coordinators can receive shirts early for distribution, they will be distributed early as well.

13) Is there a LOST AND FOUND?

Captains can always check with the City of Richardson Umpires if things have been turned into their Umpire Office.  The League Coordinators also may have a few items in possession.  Please contact the League Coordinators.

13) Can players receive a refund after signing up?

In accordance to Matthew 5:37, no refunds will be given after the season begins.  Partial or full refunds will be considered prior to the season beginning on a case-by-case consideration.  

14) Is there a substitution list for captains to obtain?

Yes.  Please contact the League Coordinators for a list of players via email.