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Rules, Waivers and Rain Out

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It is the responsibility of all players to understand the rules.  If there are any questions, please contact your team captain, co-captain/admin, and league coordinators.  Please do not contact the City of Richardson coordinators.

All softball rules are regulated by the City of Richardson with USSSA rulings enforced with the exception listed by the City of Richardson and Watermark Community Church.

Click Here for the: USSSA Rules.
Click Here for the: City of Richardson Softball Rules.

The following are "Modified" Ground Rules and Important Rules to note:
  1. Waivers are required to be completed before playing.  See below.
  2. We are using the 1-up Rule. Definition of 1-up rule — when both teams have reached maximum home runs as defined by their league, each team will be allowed to hit 1 additional home run until the other team matches, and the game will continue under the 1-up rule for the duration of the game
  3. Teams qualified to play in the playoffs must have 1) their players have signed BOTH waivers AND 2) paid or played at least one game during the regular season.
Other items to note:
  1. The league DOES NOT provide helmets or any other equipment to play. Each player should bring their own glove, bat, helmet, or borrow from their teammates. We will allow players to borrow existing equipment from Watermark throughout the season. Contact league coordinators for more details.
  2. Pets are allowed at the park and dugouts, but please avoid the playing fields.  Please follow city guidelines regarding all pets.
  3. Portable Music Devices are allowed.  Please be mindful of the city noise ordinances. Please follow city guidelines regarding all pets.
  4. City of Richardson regulation game balls provided by Watermark are property of Watermark.  The League Coordinators have a list of distributed balls per team and each team is responsible for those balls.  When using the balls on the field, it shouldn't be necessary to switch balls out as the umpires are used to it by team.
  1. Watermark Waivers are required to be completed.  When players or captains registered online before the season started, the Watermark waiver was accomplished during the online registration period.  Any players added AFTER the season begins will complete the waiver process using the following link.  Click Here for: WM Softball Waiver.
  2. City of Richardson also requires a waiver/roster to be completed and must be turned in by the 7th game (not week) to be eligible to play in the the playoffs.  This process is manual, handled by your captain or co-captain and is not fulfilled during the online registration process.  Click Here for: COR WAIVERS and select Softball Roster!

For rain out information at Huffhines, you can call 972.744.4301 after 3:00 pm on Sunday and after 3:30 pm on weekdays. All softball teams are responsible for retrieving softball schedules/rescheduled games due to rain outs. This information is provided by the City of Richardson.

Additional information:  If rain out or severe weather occurs during the game schedule, please continue to call the rain out number.  Also note, it is the umpires on the field who make the determination if games are cancelled. If League Coordinators are not available at the field to help with game time decisions, it is still the captain's responsibility to continue to call the rainout number and if possible, contact the umpires, league coordinators, and other captains potentially on the field. We, captains and league coordinators, cannot call off games unless the umpires on the field officially call the rain out. If you and/or your team decide not show to the game because of inclement weather, please be aware that it could potentially be called a forfeit. We want to encourage safety first, but we must work with the umpires to make wise decisions when it comes to the safety on the fields during crazy weather.  Captains:  If possible, please utilize the captain's group text as a forum to determine playing field conditions after 6pm. Thank you for your understanding!