Tennis League

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He had a dream in which he saw a stairway 
resting on the earth, 
with its top reaching to heaven, 
and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.  
Genesis 28:12 )

What is the League Format?
Players are grouped based upon current skill level (i.e. 4.0, 3.5, 5.0). Depending the number of players registered, players will be assigned by a league group designated by the Tennis League Coordinator.  Each player will compete individually with a different partner each week. Match format will be: 
  • Groups of 8 
  • Best of 24 Total Games 
  • No Ad Scoring 
  • Adding 2pts for the Win 
  • Adding 1pt for the Loss
Each week, match pairings will be announced, to ensure the fun thrill of, “Who Am I Playing With & Against?” At the end of the regular league season each group will be seeded 1-8, and the top point scores will be grouped into a flighted tournament. Details will be explained on site at the tennis center. As the leagues continue, like skill level players will be grouped together to produce more competitive matches and play development. Prior to each match, the will be a reflection question distributed. The question will relate to the previous weeks lesson from Sunday Service. As many of you competing are already in community groups, we hope that this avenue allows you another opportunity to grow in Christ and establish new, and lasting relationships under the grace of God.

Where does the league play?
Fair Oaks Tennis Center (7501 Merriman Parkway Dallas,Texas 75231; 214-670-1495).  Click here for more details: Where We Play.

When does the league play?
Friday nights at 6:30 pm weekly, weather permitting.

Who plays?
Any adult 18+ years of age.  This is not limited to singles, couples, young, or old.  Leagues are not separated by age or marital status.

What does league fee include?
  • 7 weeks of DOUBLES League play
  • 1 week of TOURNAMENT play
  • 1 can of new balls per match
How do you register?
Click here for the player registration link 
which includes specific payment details:  

What are the rules we are following?
USTA doubles rules. League coordinator will be on sight if there are any match questions.

Interested in playing but can't decide yet?
Click Here for our Sports Survey: Sports Interest Form
Completing the Sports Interest Form does not obligate you 
or guarantee you a team assignment. 
It allows us to contact you when leagues are forming.