Basketball (Men)

Coming...All info below is WIP.

For direct info, please contact Damon Berry
at Park Cities Baptist Church.

Damon Berry at

This league is not affiliated with Watermark Community Church.   
However, team assistance is available.

This league is managed by Park Cities Baptist Church

What is the league format?
This is a mens recreational, adult league, and the goals are the same (to Worship God). Do you like to Worship through the way you laugh and play, or the way you discipline yourself in competition? Choose your style and go! We just don't want to play sports.  We want to be a LIGHT of the LORD for others ON and OFF the field.  How do you handle conflict on the field with umpires, opposing players even and with your own team.  This is a GOD-GLORIFYING League.  It's not just about sports!

For other popular questions, please go to FAQs (Link is WIP).

Where do we play?

When does the league play?
  1. Teams play on Monday and Thursday for 7 weeks + at least 1 playoff game.
  2. Times are TBD
Who plays?
Any adult 18+ years of age.  This is not limited to singles, couples, young, or old.  Leagues are not segregated by age or marital status.

What does the league fee include?
The fee is per season and includes league fees (7 games with playoffs) and champion shirts.  

Each team must have a minimal of8 players per team.  If team designated shirts are ordered, there is a 8 shirt order per team minimal and additional shirt fee per person.  Contact for shirt orders.  There is a deadline to order shirts per season.

How do you register?
Click on PLAYER REGISTRATION INFO for more details.

What are the rules we are following?
See Rules (WIP) for more details.