Captain Registration Info

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Captains must follow the below instructions for team registration:
    1. New Captains interested in forming a new team must contact that League Coordinators at least 3 weeks before the registration begins.
    2. Captains/Co-Captains must provide team colors and team name changes or additions 3 weeks before the registration.
    3. Existing/Returning Captains must re-register online every season using the provided link below.
    4. Captains/Co-Captains must complete the Leadership Questionnaire Form at least once and acknowledge details listed below.
    5. Captains/Co-Captains must acknowledge the LEADERSHIP COMMITMENT Standards. 
    6. If requested, the league coordinators will help add Free Agent players to teams.  However, if your team does not meet the numbers stated below, the League Coordinators "may" start assigning Free Agents.
    7. * All co-ed softball teams must have at least 16 players on the roster.
    Captains, please register using the following link:  Captain Registration Link

    All captain's must also be mindful of the following:
    1. Please be fully aware of the Calendar & Important Dates with this league.  
    2. All teams established should have 80% registered to confirm teams by the last week of registration deadline.  
    3. Each team must have at least 16 players. If any less, captains are responsible for the remaining team league fee.
    4. One Captain per team is waived from financial payment if 100% players are registered per team. 
    5. It is highly encouraged that captains have a co-captain and/or admin to help with team coordination.  
    6. Please be sure to go over the rules with your team as far advanced as possible.
    7. A City of Richardson Roster/Waiver is required.  Click here for the COR Roster and Waiver Form.   This form must be established prior to the playoff game or 7th game and submitted to the Home Plate Umpire (not Watermark Coordinators). 
    8. Watermark waivers are handled via the online registration link process.  If players are added after the league begins, please go to the Waiver link.
    9. Watermark will provide each new team 4 games balls for the season. If additional softballs are to be obtained, they are available at Huffhines Recreation Park at $5 each. See the COR rules for more details. 
      • Game balls provided by Watermark must be returned to League Coordinators at the end of the season if a team captain discontinues to participate as captain. 
    10. The league DOES NOT provide helmets or any other equipment to play. Each player should bring their own glove, bat, helmet, or borrow from their teammates. We will allow players to borrow existing equipment from Watermark throughout the season. 
    11. We have an OPEN SUB LIST available.  To protect the privacy of players info, please contact the League Coordinators to obtain the list.