Indoor Soccer

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What is the league format?
Watermark Soccer teams are organized by recreational and competitive levels.  Leagues are COED with 6 players, 3 guys and 3 gals on the field at a time.  All leagues are super fun!!  Further information to be completed by coordinators.

Where do we play?
Games are played at Inwood Soccer Center at 14801 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75001. Click here for more details: Where We Play.

When does the league play?
  1. All COED Teams play on Fridays and/or Saturdays.
  2. Games are played as early as 6:00 pm every 45 minutes to 11:45 pm.  
Who plays?
Any adult 18+ years of age.  This is not limited to singles, couples, young, or old.  Leagues are not segregated by age or marital status.

Fee Cost to Play and where to register?
The league fee is per season and includes 8 games.  

Click here for the player registration link which includes specific payment details:  PLAYER REGISTRATION INFO

Play Format:
Rules are coming!!  :-) For now, games are managed and supervised by the Inwood Soccer Center with Watermark Sports Coordinators helping to facilitate the leagues.

Interested in playing but can't decide yet?
Click Here for our Sports Survey: Sports Interest Form
Completing the Sports Interest Form does not obligate you 
or guarantee you a team assignment. 
It allows us to contact you when leagues are forming.