The Headlines

Important Headlines

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1.    Schedule Changes: The City of Richardson implemented schedule changes due to the cancel games this past week due to inclement weather.  Please be sure to review the schedule.  Game TIME and FIELD Location may be affected for ALL TEAMS.

2.    Summer League:  We need to know if you are interested in participating in a summer league.  Please provide a YAY or NAY.  Captains must commit their team by April 24.  The number of team’s committed will determine if there will be a summer league.  We are limited to the first 16 teams as we only have two fields for the summer available. 

3.    City of Richardson Waivers CLARIFICATION:  The City of Richardson waiver is to be completed “manually” and turned into the home plate umpire by the 7th game.  Players registering online only fulfilled the Watermark Waiver and need to complete the city’s waiver as well.

Living the Life - In the Midst of Conflict

(Worshiping God through Sports, and with Christ, transforming lives through relationships)

""A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."" – John 13:34-35 (NIV)

Are you a peace-faker, a peace-breaker, or a peacemaker? It is an egregious understatement to say that “God cares about how we handle the relationships He has given us”, especially when it comes to handling conflict. Not just amongst players on your team (which is a primary role as the captain of your softball team) but think about the people who live around you (especially those above you who walk with lead feet), inconsistent umpires, your family, co-workers that you see nearly every day. If you avoid conflict and fake peace, or if you run your mouth a little bit and break peace, you will not experience the kind of life-giving relationship that God intends, and Scripture says, neither will they know God’s love because they didn’t see it modeled in your life.

Conflict is constantly an opportunity to show Christ’s love not by faking peace, or breaking peace, but by honestly dealing with offenses and people that rub you wrong and then making peace. Re-read the verse above, if it doesn’t tie a knot in your stomach and force you to bow your head or hit your knees to seek help/strength from the Lord, you missed out on some great truth:
the world will know WE are Christ’s disciples by the way WE love.

The rest of this season Tammy and I would like to encourage you to grow in the area of handling conflict. Our prayer is you realize the significant role you play in God’s rescue plan for the souls of those you regularly come into contact with. As a sports league that worships God, we will be marked
 by this, that is, how we handle conflict—don’t think this only effects you on the field in a close ball game, with time running out. Always feel free to use us as a resource. Let’s go!

Friday Night “High” Lights

(Capturing the Highlights from Friday or Men’s Team)

What a crazy storm we had?! Sorry it was a bit chaotic for those later games, but it looked liked the situation was handled on the field as best as possible. We know that for the later games, it was hard to determine if players should go to the fields or captains to make that call on what to do. If ever in doubt and the rain out number is not updated during game times, utilize our group text message options to help the communication process. If games started on the field, captains who are at the fields can have the responsibility to discuss with umpires when games are called. We, captains and league coordinators, cannot call off games unless the umpires on the field officially call the rain out. If you and/or your team decide not show to the game because of inclement weather, please be aware that it could potentially be called a forfeit (with a penalty fee). We want to encourage safety first, but we must work with the umpires to make wise decisions when it comes to the safety on the fields during crazy weather.